Posting your photo

How to post your photo
Proceed to "Post photo" on the menu, read the posting guidelines and Terms of Use, and follow the instructions to post your photo. Add the #bd_gunpla hashtag when posting from Twitter.
I want to check the photo I posted
Your photo will be posted on the GUNPLA Wall after being checked by the campaign staff.
About deleting images
Posts cannot be deleted after being checked by the campaign staff.
Why aren't my photo listed?
There is a possibility that the post is violating the Terms of Use displayed when posting photos. Posted photos are checked before being shared in the Builder's Room, and posts that violate the Terms of Use will not show up. Please understand that we cannot respond to the individual reasons why your post has not been shared.
Is there a recommended size?
Photos within 1500px in length and width and under 3M are recommended.
What are precautions when posting?
Please be aware of the following when posting:
  • ・Please only use genuine BANDAI Gundam plastic model kits.
  • ・Do not use parts from plastic models or custom parts (such as unofficial GUNPLA-related items or related products) manufactured outside of BANDAI. However, Gundam Decals and Action Bases may be used.
    Brass wires, plastic plates, putty, paint, and other materials may be used as long as they are within the regulations.
  • ・Do not include characters outside the Gundam series in your photo.
  • ・Make sure not to include any personal information (such as names or addresses) in your photo.
  • ・Please check the posting guidelines for further details.


A place where photos of GUNPLAs created by Builders around the world come together. Photos posted from SNS (Twitter) will show up on the GUNPLA WALL. Posts can be seen without membership registrations.

About inquiries

Where is the contact information?

About the contest

Please fill in the required items when contacting <Subject>
・Contest name
・Diver Name
・Registered email address

About internet environments

Which are the recommended browsers and required settings?
Please check the following: ・Recommended browser
Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the following browsers in order to use this site comfortably:
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
If your browser is not up-to-date, the layout of the site may be distorted and some functions may not work properly.
・ Enable Cookie and JavaScript settings.
Cookies are used for login management and JavaScript on certain pages.
Therefore, it is necessary for you to permit the use of Cookies and JavaScript in your browser's settings.
(Setting methods may vary depending on the browser. Please check the browser's Help or Settings menu.)